The Tribit QuietPlus 78 offers multiple noise-cancellation modes, the ability to connect to multiple devices at once, and a host of other features. Tribit sent a pair of the QuietPlus 78 headphones to us for review. 

Tribit Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Appearance and Unboxing

The Tribit QuietPlus 78 comes with a nondescript case. The case itself bears no external markings that indicate what’s inside, but in some cases that can be a bonus–it could easily be mistaken for a toiletry bag rather than something that holds expensive electronics.  The headphones themselves have a simple design, with a metal accent band around the outside of each ear cup. The Tribit name is embossed on each cup, but outside of those two places there is no extra branding.  Letters inside each ear cup indicate which side is left and right. All of the controls are found on the right ear cup, including the volume up and down, power, and noise cancellation buttons, as well as the charging port and 3.5mm jack.  The package includes the QuietPlus 78 headset, the protective case, one USB cable, one 3.5mm audio cable, and the user manual. The audio cable is long enough that it can comfortably attach to a phone or a portable game console like the Nintendo Switch. 

Sound Quality

The Tribit QuietPlus 78 is a decent set of headphones, especially for their price. While they’re not going to blow away an audiophile or stand toe-to-toe with Bose headphones, the audio quality is solidly middle of the road, with a more bass-centric focus that can make higher notes sound a bit dull.  Where the headphones excel is in noise cancellation. These headphones are great travel companions, but you’ll need jams to truly get the best experience. There are three noise cancellation modes: Low, High, and Ambient.  The Low mode cuts out some sounds, but isn’t particularly effective–although with the volume turned up on a song, few sounds will make their way through the headphones. High mode cuts out almost all sound. With just noise cancellation on, sounds and voices sound dampened. If you turn music on in conjunction with High mode, you will hear nothing but the music. This is a great option for slapping on the headphones and sitting down to get some work done while drowning out all other distractions. Just make sure you aren’t easily startled, because you will not hear someone walk up behind you. Ambient mode allows sounds like voices to come through, but eliminates things like road noise and the clinking of plates. Not sure which mode you’re in? Don’t worry. When you swap between modes, a voice prompt tells you which mode is active. 


The Tribit QuietPlus 78 has an impressive amount of functionality. There are four main face buttons: volume up, volume down, the multifunction (MFB) button, and the ANC/Ambient button.  Each button has multiple functions. The volume up button not only increases the volume on the headset, but if you press and hold it for two seconds it skips to the next track in your playlist or streaming service. The same thing happens with the volume down button, except it goes to the previous track. When music is playing, you can pause and resume playing with a quick press of the MFB button. You can also answer or end a call by pressing the same button. If you want to reject a call, press and hold the MFB for several seconds.  The QuietPlus 78 headphones are designed for use with iPhone. If you press the MFB button twice, it activates Siri. If you press the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time, you can redial the last number called.


The ear cups themselves are soft and fit snugly against the head, but the frame feels a bit on the small side. For the average person, the QuietPlus 78 will be fine for wearing for long periods, but if you have a larger head, it might get a bit uncomfortable.  One notable feature is that when you swap between noise cancellation modes, the volume automatically adjusts to protect your hearing.  The Tribit QuietPlus 78 is a solid mid-range set of noise cancelling headphones with an $80 price point. These headphones won’t win awards for their audio quality, but they are by no means a bad set of headphones. The Tribit Quietplus 78 will reduce background noise, eliminate distractions, and provide clear audio on the go.  

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