If you think about it, having a small camera constantly pointed at you might not be the safest set-up. But when you factor in that there are many people out there who have the ability to access your webcam and see what’s being displayed through it, the whole prospect can feel even more shady. 

Breach of Privacy

You may see people, friends or family members, who cover their webcam, and for good reason. Here’s why they do it and why you should too. 

If someone has the expertise and resources, such as certain hacking computer software or your login details, it’s possible to get access to your webcam. Built-in firewall and antivirus software provide some protection but there are always ways around them. 

If you use your computer on public networks at libraries, schools, or coffee shops, you’re exposed to even more risk of being compromised since so many other strangers (and potential hackers) are connected to the same network. 

If you visit fishy websites and download malicious apps, or get sent odd emails with links that you happen to click, you may unknowingly give a hacker access to your computer.

Webcam hackers have the ability to override the indicator light that tells you your camera is on. So someone could be viewing or recording your webcam without giving you knowing it.

In 2016, FBI director James Comey suggested that people should definitely cover up their webcams and he does it himself. 

If you don’t want to put a piece of tape over your webcam, there are plenty of sophisticated webcam covers out there. Below you’ll find a list of the best ones. 

Best Webcam Covers

To properly cover your webcam, you can use any of these great webcam covers listed below. Each of them have some differing features, so choose the one that’ll work best for you.  If you want a cheaper option, these sleek webcam covers do the trick for a mere $2.65 for a pack of six. These covers will also work with most devices with a webcam namely,  your computers, smartphones or tablets.  If you want to add a little color to your webcam cover, these provide both function and style. They also feature a slide mechanism to easily toggle between coverage or an open webcam. You can get these in a multi-colored pack of eight for $6.99. The Eyebloc cover is designed specifically for Macbooks, utilizing the built-in magnets along the edges of the device to stick to it without using adhesives. It’s also made to blend into the top of your Macbook so that it doesn’t cause any distraction.  This cover features a slider as well, and it’s available to buy for $19.95.  These covers are perfect if you want to cover multiple devices. They use suction instead of a sticky adhesive.  The Nanobloc comes in two different shapes to cover both a computer or laptop webcam or a smartphone camera. They’re also reusable, so you don’t have to throw them away when you need a cover for new devices.  You can buy these in a pack of seven for $9.99. 

Covering Your Webcam

Keeping yourself safe by covering your webcam is a quick and simple change. The above mentioned covers make it easier to protect your privacy, especially if you still need regular access to your webcam.  Don’t take a chance, get a cover and keep away malicious, prying eyes. 

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