Your phone’s internet connection may not be working, the Reddit app may have a cache problem, or you have not given proper access permission to the Reddit app. All these items can cause Reddit not to display images. We’ll look at a few ways to resolve this problem.

Check Your Internet Connection

When you don’t see images in the Reddit app, the first thing to check is your phone’s internet connection. You need to ensure your internet is working, so the Reddit app can download and display pictures. One way to check if your connection is working is by opening a web browser on your phone and loading a site like Google. If the site loads, your connection is working. In this case, read on to discover more fixes. If the site fails to load, your internet has an issue. You can try rebooting your router and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi or mobile data provider to potentially fix the issue. You may also seek your internet service provider’s help.

Check the Status of Reddit’s Servers

Like all other online services, Reddit serves all the platform’s content using the servers located across the world. If one or more of these servers are facing downtime, that may be why your Reddit app isn’t loading images. However, Reddit has a Reddit Status checker website that tells you if the platform’s servers are experiencing problems. Head on to the site and check if that’s the case. If the Reddit servers are down, you’ll have to wait until the company brings them back up. There isn’t anything you can do on your end to fix the problem.

Force Close and Reopen the Reddit App

Reddit’s minor glitches can cause the app not to load your image content. If this is the case, force closing and reopening the Reddit app on your phone should fix the issue. You don’t lose any data when you do this.

On iPhone

On Android

Restart Your iPhone or Android Phone

Your iPhone or Android phone’s minor problems can also cause Reddit not to display pictures. If you aren’t sure exactly what’s causing the issue, reboot your device to potentially fix any minor problems with your device.

Restart an iPhone

Restart an Android Phone

Log Out and Back Into the Reddit App

Reddit’s sync issues aren’t uncommon, and it may be that the platform is experiencing problems loading your account data. This can cause various issues in the app, including the image loading problem. One way to get around that issue is to log out and back into your account in the Reddit app. Doing so establishes a fresh new connection with the company’s account servers. Keep your Reddit username and password handy as you’ll need these to log back into your account, then follow these steps:

Clear Cache for the Reddit App

Reddit’s image loading problem may be associated with the app’s cache files. These files help improve the app’s performance, but sometimes, these same files are the reason you have various issues. You can fix that by deleting the Reddit app’s cache files. Doing so resets the cache, and the app will rebuild those files as you go on. Keep in mind that you can only clear the app cache on an Android phone.

Check the Reddit App’s Permission

Like other apps, Reddit requires certain permissions on your phone to function. For example, the app needs access to your local storage to temporarily store your post images. If you’ve denied these permissions to the app, you’ll have to approve the permission before Reddit can function normally. Both iPhone and Android make it easy to review and allow/disallow various permissions to your installed apps. Here’s how you can check and give Reddit the permissions it needs.

On iPhone

On Android

Update the Reddit App

Reddit’s obsolete versions can cause various issues on your phone, including not loading your images. If you’re using an older version of the app, update the app to the latest version, and your issue should likely be resolved. You can update Reddit for free on both your iPhone and your Android phone. Here’s how to do just that.

On iPhone

On Android

Reinstall Reddit

It’s rare but Reddit’s system files may have been corrupted on your phone, causing the app not to properly load your pictures. In this case, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Reddit app on your iPhone or Android phone. Doing so clears the old and problematic core files and installs the working ones.

On iPhone

On Android

Bring Images Back in Reddit’s Mobile App

There are many reasons the Reddit app doesn’t load images on your phone. The good thing is you can fix most items that cause the issue and bring the app back to working condition. Once that happens, you can resume your Reddit sessions without worrying about multimedia content.

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