While Facebook is constantly improving their security features, your account can still get hacked. If you ever notice any suspicious activity coming from your Facebook account or simply can’t log into it, act quick.  Here’s what you can to recover your hacked Facebook account if you think it’s been hacked.  Also, be sure to check out our YouTube channel where we made a short video going over some tips to recover a your hacked Facebook account.

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Hacked?

There are quite a few different reasons why you might find yourself locked out of your Facebook account. Maybe you logged into Facebook on multiple devices, or someone reported your account as fake. In this case it’s better to assume the worst – that you’ve been hacked – and start taking the necessary steps to recover your account right away. Some of the signs that that scammers got a hold of your account include:

Your login details (email or password) have changed.Your Facebook name has changed.Your birthday on Facebook has changed. Messages that you didn’t write were sent from your account.Posts that you didn’t write appear on your Facebook page. Friend requests were sent to people you don’t know.

How To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

When you notice any of these things, assume that your account was hacked and act quickly to recover it.

Recover Your Facebook Account Using a Security Code

When your account details are being changed, you’ll get an email from Facebook notifying you about the changes. So if you receive an email saying your password has been changed and it wasn’t you, move quickly and get your account back using the security code.  If you don’t have access to your associated email address or phone number, click No longer have access to these at the bottom of the Reset Your Password page and continue through these steps.

Regain Access To Your Account With Your Most Used Device

This method might not work for everyone, but it’s probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to recover your Facebook account.

Recover Your Facebook Account With Identity Verification

The newest Facebook security feature yet that you can use to regain access to your account is Identity Verification. Here’s how to use it to recover a hacked Facebook account. Facebook will take 1-3 working days to review your information and send you the instructions on how to get back into your account. 

How To Secure Your Facebook Account

While you can’t eliminate the risk of your account being hacked completely, you can reduce it drastically by applying basic security practices when using Facebook.

Use a Strong Password

The best way to protect your account from hackers is to use a strong unique password. Make sure you don’t use the same one anywhere else online and don’t share it with other people. 

Don’t Share Your Login Information

Scammers use fake sites to get your personal information. Learn how to spot phishing attempts and make sure to check the sites URLs before entering your login details.  Another good practice here is to always log out when using public computers or computers that you share with other people. Facebook also allows you to do that remotely through Security and login Settings. 

Enable Facebook Security Features

Facebook offers quite a few different tools and features that you can use to protect your account. They’re all available under Security and login Settings and include two-factor authentication, alerts about unrecognized logins, and trusted contacts. Make sure to enable all of them for maximum security.  You can review your security settings at any time by going through a Facebook Security Checkup on your computer. 

Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

It’s much easier to take preventative measures to avoid future scams than spending time and effort trying to recover your hacked Facebook account. Learning how to stay on top of your privacy and security on Facebook and performing regular checks for malicious software can help you keep your accounts safe from any future hacking attempts.  Have you ever had your Facebook account hacked? What did you do to gain back access to your account? Share your Facebook knowledge with us in the comment section below. 

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