You can add photos from your Windows or Mac machine, Microsoft’s stock images repository, or the internet. You can then reposition and resize your images, so they fit your slides.

Add a Picture From Your Local Storage to PowerPoint

If you’ve already saved an image to your Windows or Mac machine’s local storage, it’s easy to load this picture into your presentation. PowerPoint supports nearly all image formats, so your photo can be in any popular file format. You can now drag your image to reposition it on your slide. You can resize the image by selecting the handlers around it and dragging them.

Insert a Stock Image in PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 365 subscribers can choose from thousands of royalty-free stock images to add to their PowerPoint slides. If you’re subscribed to this plan, here’s how to find and add the image of your choice to your slides. When you add a stock photo, PowerPoint will download it from the internet. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to minutes, depending on the number of images you’ve selected and the speed of your internet connection.

Add a Photo From the Internet or OneDrive to PowerPoint

PowerPoint includes the Bing image search functionality, allowing you to perform a quick image search and add the chosen images to your presentation. You can also load images from your OneDrive account if you want.

Capture and Add a Screenshot to PowerPoint

PowerPoint includes a screen capture tool that allows you to take a screenshot and add that image to your slides. This way, you don’t need a third-party app to grab screen captures and then load them into the app.

Use an Image as a Slide’s Background in PowerPoint

You can use a picture from your computer, stock images repository, or the internet as your slide’s background. This puts your photo in the background and your other slide content in the foreground. You can achieve this by changing your chosen slide’s background formatting as follows: You can customize your slide’s background using various options available in the right sidebar of PowerPoint.

Add an Image to PowerPoint on Mac

PowerPoint’s Mac version also makes it easy to add pictures to your presentations. You can find and add images from both your local storage as well as the internet.

Insert Pictures in PowerPoint’s Web Version

PowerPoint’s web version offers nearly as many features as its desktop app. You can add images from various sources to your presentations on the app’s web client. You can remove unwanted images from your slides by choosing your images and pressing the Backspace key.

Add Photos to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Aesthetically Pleasing

Your presentations don’t have to be boring. Luckily, PowerPoint offers various options to help you turn your slides into something your audience will enjoy watching. One of these options is to add photos to your slides, and you can choose your pictures from various sources. Once you’ve added your images, you can customize their appearance so they blend well with your presentation’s existing content. Happy presenting!

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