However, if your Discord update has failed for some reason, you’ll miss out on these new features and fixes. You may also find yourself stuck in a Discord update failed loop, where Discord simply can’t update and won’t allow you to use the client until it’s fixed. This tutorial covers troubleshooting solutions to Discord update issues in Windows 10/11 and macOS.

Check Discord Service Status

A Discord update failed loop isn’t necessarily caused by an issue on your PC or Mac. Discord may fail to download updates if there are problems with Discord servers. Check Discord’s service status using the Discord website to verify if that’s the case. Discord maintains a status website for Discord users to check the current state of the platform. Everything from the Discord API to local server issues is on the website. The tool lets you pinpoint whether the update failure is due to problems with your computer or Discord’s servers. On the Discord status website (, you’ll see a 90-day history for each Discord service element—each segment represents a single day. In particular, if the API section shows recent operational issues (e.g., if today’s segment is red or orange), you may need to wait before you try to update your client. You can usually hover over the segment to see more information on the cause of any outages. However, service-wide messages will also appear at the top of the page. There’s not much you can do if Discord is down. Wait it out and try again later when the service is up and running again.

Run Discord as an Administrator

Running the Discord desktop client as an administrator in Windows can help you update Discord without any issue. You’ll need to do this if you’re running Discord on a local or guest user account without permission to install or modify programs. First, close Discord and ensure it isn’t running in the background. Afterward, reopen Discord with administrative privileges.

Check Your Internet Connection (and Disable VPNs, Firewalls, or Proxies)

While Discord itself should work over a virtual private network or proxy connection, it isn’t guaranteed. Certain VPN services block particular services, while Discord may block specific VPN IP ranges that it believes may be disruptive. VPN services could be inadvertently blocked, thereby preventing updates from working. If you aren’t using VPN, firewall, or proxy connections, problems with your internet connection can prevent Discord from downloading/installing updates. An intermittent internet connection or a DNS outage could stop Discord itself from working, for instance. Head to the Discord website ( and check if you can access Discord’s web interface. If Discord is working through the website, then it’s likely that the problem isn’t related to your connection. Reboot your router or contact your internet service provider (ISP) if your computer doesn’t have an internet connection.

Temporarily Disable or Uninstall Your Antivirus

Third-party antivirus software can disrupt the Discord update process. Some Discord users resolve the problem by disabling their antivirus software, restarting their PC, and retrying the update. If that doesn’t fix the problem, uninstall your antivirus and try again. From our research, “Kaspersky” was the antivirus app that commonly caused this problem. However, other antivirus programs can also get Discord stuck in the “Update Failed” loop.

Disable Windows/Microsoft Defender

Windows’ native antivirus can also prevent you from installing Discord’s latest update. Temporarily disable Windows Defender on your computer and check if you can update the Discord app.

Clear Discord’s Cache Files

The Discord client saves specific files into hidden folders on your PC or Mac for later use. These cache files are essential for Discord to work correctly. But they can stop essential services (like Discord updates) from working if they become corrupt. To resolve this issue, remove the app’s cache files by deleting the Discord AppData folder (on Windows). If you’re using a Mac, delete the Discord Application Support folder. Before trying these steps, ensure that Discord isn’t currently running, either visibly or in the background.

How to Empty Discord Cache in Windows

How to Empty Discord Cache Files on Mac

Rename the Discord Update Executable File

The Discord executable file (update.exe) is solely responsible for keeping the Discord client updated on a Windows PC. If you’re stuck in a Discord update failed loop, you can rename this file to get Discord updated. This isn’t recommended as a long-term solution, however. Without updates, your Discord client will lack the latest features and bug fixes. Over time, your service may degrade, and the client itself may stop working as older versions are blocked from use. Follow the steps below to rename Discord’s update file on your computer. Alternatively, open File Explorer and select the navigation bar at the top of the window. Type C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Discord (replacing username with your Windows user folder) and press Enter on your keyboard.

Remove and Reinstall Discord

If the steps above don’t resolve the problem, try reinstalling the client on your Windows or Mac computer. Reinstalling Discord will provide you with the latest version of the stable release files, although you can also download the beta and Canary release versions.

How to Remove and Reinstall Discord in Windows

Follow any additional on-screen instructions. After uninstalling, download the latest Discord installation files, and run the installer to complete the process.

How to Remove and Reinstall Discord on Mac

Once removed, download the latest Discord Mac installer and run the file, then follow any additional on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Get Discord Up-to-Date and Working Again

An update failure is one of many possible Discord errors that can ruin your experience on the platform. Discord connection issues can even trigger a fatal Javascript error that crashes the app. If your Discord update has failed, the troubleshooting solutions above should resolve the issue. Switch to the Discord web interface or contact Discord Support if the problem persists.

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