Even if you don’t intend to sell the device, there are times when your Echo might stop working or freeze. A factory reset will resolve most issues. The thing to remember is that different devices require different methods to perform a hard reset, but it isn’t difficult to pull off. 

A Note On Resetting First-Get Devices

Every device on this list has been second-generation and later because those are the devices most commonly in use. It wasn’t until the second generations of each device that smart assistants began to catch on. Later generations have more features and therefore more appeal to customers.  The first generations of the Echo Dot, the Echo, and the Echo Plus all have reset buttons that require a paper clip to press. Find this button, usually in a small hole near the base or on the bottom of the device, and press it quickly. Once you do, wait for the light to turn off and back on again. When it does, the device will have been reset.  If your devices begin to freeze or just don’t work properly, do a hard reset. It can straighten out any problems before Alexa goes HAL-9000 on you. Make sure you also perform a reset before you sell a discard an old device. In the modern age of cybersecurity, you can’t be too safe.

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