Facebook may be experiencing an outage. Other reasons can include the Facebook app’s faulty cache data, your browser’s history, and more. We’ll look into fixing these issues so you can resume your social browsing sessions without interruptions.

1. Check if Facebook Is Down

When all your Facebook-enabled devices keep logging you out, check to see if Facebook’s servers are experiencing downtimes. It’s rare but not impossible for that to happen. You can check if Facebook is experiencing an outage by heading to a website downtime detector site like Down for Everyone or Just Me. This site tells you the status of various online platforms, and you can check if Facebook’s servers have any issues on this site. You may also check sites like Twitter to find out if Facebook has problems. Usually, if the outage is too broad, people discuss it on these microblogging sites. Suppose you’ve confirmed that your favorite social media site is down. In that case, you can’t do anything about it except wait for the company to bring the servers back up and start using Facebook again.

2. Disable Your VPN to Fix Facebook Keeps Logging Out

Your VPN routes your internet data via third-party services, sometimes causing problems with various sites and apps. Facebook signing you out of your account may be the result of a poorly configured VPN or a faulty one. In that case, temporarily disable your VPN’s service and see if your Facebook issue occurs. If you don’t get signed out of your account after disabling the VPN, you may have to reconfigure your VPN service or get an alternative one.

3. Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Your web browser’s cache and cookies help enhance your surfing sessions. Sometimes, these files interfere with the sites you visit, causing various random issues. Your Facebook log-out problem may be caused by your past browsing data. In this case, you can fix the issue by clearing your browser’s cookies and cache files. We’ll show you how to do that for the two popular web browsers.

Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome

Clear Cache and Cookies in Firefox

4. Remove Problematic Web Browser Extensions

Your web browser’s extensions let you get the most out of your browser, but these extensions aren’t without issues. Sometimes, you end up with a glitchy extension or your existing extension becomes faulty. Either way, that affects your browsing sessions, including the ones on Facebook. One way to fix that is to find the culprit add-on and remove that from your browser. You can do so by opening a private window in your browser and accessing Facebook. If you don’t get logged out of your account in this window, your extensions are likely the culprit. You can then enable one extension at a time to find the problematic one. Here’s how to do that in Google Chrome:

5. Clear the Facebook Mobile App’s Cache

If Facebook is logging you out in the mobile app, the app’s cache files might be corrupt. The purpose of these files is to improve your app experience, but sometimes, they end up doing the opposite of that. In this case, you can clear the cache for the Facebook app and potentially fix your issue. Doing so doesn’t delete any of your Facebook account files, like your photos or videos. Note that you can only clear Facebook’s cache on an Android phone; you can’t do this on an iPhone.

6. Update the Facebook Mobile App

Various bugs in the Facebook mobile app can log you out of your account. Since these bugs are the result of malfunctioning code in the app, you can’t manually fix them. If Facebook has officially acknowledged these bugs and pushed the appropriate fixes, you can download and install those app updates to resolve your issue.

Update Facebook on Android

Update Facebook on iPhone

7. Uninstall and Reinstall the Facebook Mobile App

If Facebook continues to sign you out of your account despite your efforts to fix the issue, consider uninstalling the problem app and reinstalling it on your phone. This fixes any problems with the app’s core files, which might be the reason you have your issue. When you reinstall the app, you get fresh new working files that replace the old and broken files on your phone. Your Facebook will then be functional, and you won’t encounter the sign-out issue anymore.

Reinstall Facebook on Android

Reinstall Facebook on iPhone

8. Change Your Facebook Password

A possible reason you’re being logged out of your account is that someone has your Facebook account password and they’re manually signing you out from your devices. If you think this is the case, change your account password as soon as possible to protect your account.

Prevent Facebook From Signing You Out of Your Account

Facebook doesn’t log you out of your account for no reason. Usually, there are security or technical reasons that force the platform to kick you out of your account. Once you identify those issues and apply appropriate fixes, your issue should be resolved and you’ll be back to your favorite social site without any problems.

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