If you use your computer for extended periods of time, a vertical mouse seems like a no brainer. However, picking out the right mouse is important. The demand for such products is still relatively new, which means not all choices are as ergonomic as one might hope. We’ve created this guide specifically to help you find the best vertical mouse products out there so that you don’t need to navigate the online shopping minefield without a helping hand.

Why Get a Vertical Mouse?

Before we showcase our top picks, we thought it may be useful to explain why a vertical mouse can be a good addition to your everyday life. A Colorado based physician told Mashable that, “An upright mouse that helps keep your wrist in a more neutral position can certainly prevent strain on the muscles over time.” Think about it – when you walk, your wrists are at your sides, facing inward. Using a vertical mouse mimics that natural position. Now that we’ve explained the benefits, let’s take a look at what the best options are right now.

Logitech MX Vertical – $97.64

Let’s start with what is easily one of the most popular products in the vertical mouse game right now. It’s the MX Vertical and it comes from Logitech, one of the most renowned PC peripheral manufacturers in the industry. The MX Vertical takes the innards of the original MX mouse and places it into a new ergonomic design. At $97, it’s more expensive than the $70 standard MX Master mouse, but that $30 goes a long way. To create their new vertical mouse, Logitech put their large budget to good use by researching the vertical mouse market from the ground up. They performed their own studies to find a 57 degree angle is the most optimal, so the MX Vertical uses that. The MX Vertical’s design is minimal, yet it catches the eye. When ergonomics are important, design often goes out of the window, so seeing such a captivating design on the MX Vertical is a nice touch. As you’d expect from Logitech, the design doesn’t stop at looks – the MX Vertical feels sturdy and most importantly its an instant relief from using a standard mouse. The sensor in the MX Vertical isn’t flawless, but it is decently reliable. Unless you’re a mouse mastermind, you probably won’t be able to notice.

Suitable for all tasks 4000 DPI Wireless Two additional buttons DPI switch button Textured thumb area for better grip Quick charge battery (3 hours from a 1-minute charge)

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 – $109.95

Evoluent are a strong contender in the vertical mouse space and they have a number of impressive options. They have been around for a long time, so their designs feel somewhat old school. We’ll start with their ‘flagship’ mouse, the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4. You’ll notice right away that the VerticalMouse 4 looks clunky, but it is surprisingly light, and most importantly, a great choice if you care about ergonomics. For the build quality, everything about the VerticalMouse 4 deserves praise. It’s taller than other options in this list, so that’s something to watch out for if you have small hands. The thumb grip also allows you to get a strong grip whilst moving the mouse. If you are a left handed mouse user, you’ll be happy to hear that Evoluent sell a left handed model, too. Admittedly, the no-name sensor lets the VerticalMouse 4 down a little – it’s fine for basic browsing, but where precision counts, for example during gaming or graphic design, you may find the Logitech MX Vertical or the Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx is a better option. Below are some specs for the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4:

Best for office work & larger hands 2600 DPI Wireless Four additional buttons DPI switch button Deep thumb rest area for better grip AA battery

Evoluent VerticalMouse C Wired – $89.95

The Evoluent VerticalMouse C is slightly cheaper, its smaller, and it feels slightly more modern. The C Series mouse from Evoluent will feel out of place in a gaming or graphic design setup, and it’s certainly not designed for such use cases. For office work or basic browsing, it’s an excellent choice. The front has a black textured grip and a small island for your pinky finger. On the back, the thumb area isn’t anywhere near as pronounced as the VerticalMouse 4. For larger hands, this may be a concern – with gravity against you, your thumb really needs a sizable place to sit. For smaller hands, though, you’ll find the Evoluent a far more suitable option than the chunky VerticalMouse 4. It should also be mentioned that this mouse is wired, but there are wireless options for the C Series. The same sensor shenanigans can be said about the VerticalMouse C, so taper your expectations if you want to use this for drawing or playing video games. An overview of the VerticalMouse C Wired:

Best for office work & smaller hands 2000 DPI Wired Three additional buttons DPI switch Curved thumb grip area

Contour Unimouse – $79.99

The Contour Unimouse is a unique hybrid option that lets you switch between a standard position and a vertical position. Ultimately, getting used to graphic design or gaming on a vertical mouse may take a lot of time, so being able to switch between the different positions makes the Unimouse an interesting product. We’d say the Unimouse leans more toward being a standard mouse than a proper ergonomic vertical mouse, but the benefits of giving your wrist a break are still there. The Unimouse also has four different positions it can lock into. The Contour Unimouse uses the PMW3330 sensor, which is often used as a mid-range gaming sensor. The sensor isn’t the absolute best in the game, but Contour made sure their offering was more than reasonable for almost all users. Contour sells right and left handed versions of the Unimouse and there are also wired and wireless variants. All of the options costs $79.99.

Suitable for all tasks 2800 DPI Wireless and wired variants Two additional buttons DPI switch Curved thumb grip area

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx – $50

Trust has been a mainstay in the peripheral market for decades, but they have recently started to push their gaming brand. The GXT 144 Rexx is the perfect example of the kind of products a well funded company taking their first steps into a new area can create. The GXT 144 Rexx has been designed to specifically be a gaming mouse, which means you get the typical LED lights and customizable software. More importantly, this mouse features a 10,000 DPI sensor, 6 programmable buttons, sturdy buttons and scroll wheel, and a braided cable. The sensor is the 3325, which is a very highly regarded sensor for when precision is crucial. Unfortunately, the Rexx is far heavier than the other mouse options on this list, so that’s something to consider. The Rexx is still very new, so pricing isn’t confirmed yet for most regions. However, it’s likely to go for around $50, making it the cheapest option on the list.

Suitable for all tasks, especially gaming 10,000 DPI Wired 6 additional buttons DPI switch Curved thumb grip area


So there we have it, five great vertical mouse options. To summarize, we have two office-friendly options from Evoluent, a visually stunning vertical mouse from Logitech, a hybrid offering from Contour, and a gaming focused option from Trust. Enjoy!

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